We offer complete auto electrical servicing including starters and alternators, wiring repairs, lighting and accessory fitting e.g. auxiliary batteries, reverse cameras & sensors.


Servicing air conditioning systems on vehicles requires specialist training. Our technicians are fully qualified and licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council. We offer complete air conditioning service including diagnosis, system flushing and component replacement.


We offer fuel injection fault diagnosis and repairs. For maximum fuel economy and performance injectors should be serviced every 60,000 to 80,000km. With this service we remove the injectors and bench test to check spray pattern and delivery. Once the injectors have been serviced they are retested and any difference noted.


Clisby Electrical is an RAA Battery Service Centre and offers a complete range of high quality, reliable batteries backed by the RAA. It is critical that the correct battery is fitted to a vehicle and all RAA listings are to manufacturer’s original specifications.
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We supply and fit Cyclops alarms & immobilisers. Cyclops is an Australian manufactured product and is designed under Australian standards. All parts are guaranteed for 2 years and are very reliable.


Clisby Electrical is a Guardian Interlock Service Centre. We install and service both court appointed and private vehicle alcohol interlock systems. An alcohol interlock prevents the vehicle from starting if the preset alcohol reading is exceeded. For parents with teenagers it provides peace of mind that your children are not driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.


The older we get the more light we need. It has been demonstrated that drivers of 60 plus need up to 10 times more light than the average 20 year old. Improved vehicle head lighting can help redress the imbalance. All Phillips upgrade globes are constructed in a way that optimises the colour temperature of the light, making them whiter than standard globes. Various studies have shown that whiter light not only stimulates concentration, but reflects better from road surfaces and street signs. Clisby Electrical is an authorised Phillips Lighting Specialist and can offer a complete range of globe replacements and upgrades.